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One of Japan's best-kept secrets is the uncharted native liquor of the Amami Islands, kokuto shochu. There are many reasons why this spirit is so special, but one of the standout reasons is that it is only made on the Amami Archepligo, nowhere else in Japan. Made from yummy traditional dark sugar and koji, this little gem is right up there with the best of the best and staggeringly hard to find anywhere else in Japan. A true island spirit, kokuto shochu is made at two-dozen distilleries spanning five islands and aged in both earthen pots, tanks, and barrels; each capturing a delightful array of highly unique characteristics between them. A must-try for anyone who enjoys a drink or visiting Amami. Visit a few distilleries over one tour or add one to a customized tour of yours.

Minimum of 2 people per booking.

Example tours:  Distillery Hop,  Island Culture, or Under Cover Amami

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