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Delicious Amamian Cuisine

Fantastic beaches, fantastic weather, and fantastic food, what more could you ask for? Amami exists in a world of its own with unique foods and culture it has cultivated over the centuries as a trading hub between China, the Ryukyu Kingdom, and the Japanese mainland. Come discover local delicacies like keihan, abura somen, and topinya. Or even try some of the yummy western dishes made with the freshest local ingredients around. From seafood to farm, it is all on offer when you visit the island. Add a yummy lunch or dinner to a half-or full-day tour of yours.


Even better, why not invite an utasha to sing traditional island music accompanied by the sanshin and some local cuisine. The only way to top that off would be with a bottle of Amami Liquor—and that is easily sorted.  

amami beachside dining island

Minimum of 2 people per booking.

Example tours: Island Culture or Strictly Beaches

1. Keihan: a local Amamian delicacy made of chicken.

2. Topinya: a type of shellfish enjoyed on the islands. 

3. Utasha: a master of shima uta (island music). 

4. Sanshin: traditional three-stringed instrument. 

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