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Unique tours on an island paradise plonked in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 


Amami Tours is a wholly independent tour guiding service owned and operated by long-time Japan resident John Cantu. Originally from Perth, Western Australia. John has lived, worked, and studied in Japan for over 21-years and spent 5-years working as a tour guide in Australia before taking up work as a translator in Tokyo. As a student, John majored in Japanese and international business and spent 2-years studying in Japan where he majored in Japanese history at Komazawa University.
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Amami Oshima Tours
Establishing Amami Tours in 2021, John provides unique tours on one of Japan's best-kept secrets, the gorgeous Amami Island (Amami Oshima). From top-class surfing to magnificent diving, breathtaking beaches, delicious food, enchanting music, unique wildlife, and, of course, the native Amamian liquor (kokuto shochu). All tours are private and include transport to and from your hotel. Discover a different side of Japan, only a few hours from Tokyo or Osaka. You won't be disappointed.
Owner Operator
Amami Tours
Licensed Amami Eco Tour Guide
Certified Amami Interpreter Guide

Eco Tourism T&D I Certified  (JP)
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